Roma children learning about human senses

01 Mar We’re learning about human senses

Last week we started learning about the human senses. So far we’ve learned about sight, hearing, smell and touch. Through various games and exercises we tried to break down the roles and the importance of each human sense individually, so that the children could learn how important they all are. We talked about the people born without a certain sense, or have lost one or more of them during their lifetime, and how that happens, as well as how we can prevent that and use all of our senses for a longer time.
In terms of what we can sense with our sensory systems, we learned about different types of smells, how they can be pleasant and unpleasant. Furthermore we learned about sounds and which sounds we can produce on our own as well as which sounds we can produce using different objects around us. We listened to music, played games for noticing the relation between the distance from the source of the sound or smell, and the intensity with which we hear or smell it. We used blindfolds to smell different things and find out what they are; we used only our sight to count a certain amount of objects without touching them etc. When it comes to learning about touch as a sense, we played a game in which blindfolded children were guessing objects in their hands. The objects were placed inside of a fabric bag to make it harder for them to guess. The children were allowed to ask yes or no questions, to which the educators replied.

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