Call for Volunteers for C.S.I. Nadez

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If you are interested in social work and working with Roma children, if you are a creative mind with lots of ideas about how to make a children’s day happier or if you want to get a unique experience, then C.S.I. Nadez is the place for you to volunteer!

C.S.I. Nadez offers diversified opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Your interests and your abilities will shape your volunteer experience. Just to give you some examples: Volunteers can get involved in the work of our Educational Centre or Preschool Centre where they can help children with non-formal education, organize creative workshops, play social games, have outdoor activities, sports competitions and much more. Or are you more interested in getting a behind-the-scene look on how a Non-governmental organization functions? Then come and support us with your skills in the office.

It is upon your preferences to choose what kind of activities and tasks you would like to do and how often will you do them. You can volunteer once a week, month or even every day if you want. We welcome everyone and we appreciate everyone’s initiative regardless of the age and educational background.

The children will be very grateful for your efforts. And having FUN is guaranteed. Volunteer! Make a difference.

If you are interested, please contact us at

Did you know that…

C.S.I. Nadez offers diversified opportunities for volunteers to get involved

    • Our social workers spent more than    15 000 days work on the field.
    • We support nursing homes, hospitals and other health care institutions, as well as over 500 families with humanitarian aid two times per year

  • Our employees have been working with Roma people and other vulnerable groups for more than 15 years
    Approximately 9 full-time workers, 8 freelancers and volunteers provide care and support to the children in our Center, give social and other services for children, youth and adults

  • Our youth center in Shuto Orizari carries activities that involve 1320 children every month
    We single-handedly pack more than 300 school bags every August in order to provide the basic school materials for our children.
    Тhe first youth center in Macedonia has been opened on the premises of C.S.I. Nadez

  • We are a NGO which welcomes visitors and volunteers from almost every European country

    We have been working on our main project “Education through street social work” since 2005, giving support to an entire generation of children and enabling them to participate in primary education

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand the needs and wishes of Roma children.


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Irina Nekrasow

“It is important for the kids to have a place where they can live out their creativity and learn more about their skills. A place where somebody tells them that they CAN do and where the kids are heard.

Silvije Abdulova

It’s very important for me to give back to my community. I’ve been a child of Nadez, and a big part of my accomplishments are because of the assistance I was provided with when I was at the same age as the children I work with today

Kristian Cierpka

“The Youth Centre of C.S.I. NADEZ offers the children various opportunities to spend their leisure time but also to take part in different workshops in which they can live out their passions.