Short History

Association C.S.I. NADEZ is a non-governmental organization founded on 28.08.1997 at the initiative of the employees on the project ‘Roma Reintegration Program’ implemented by Caritasverband social changes, both in Macedonia and abroad, through working on projects lead by Caritasverband für das Bistum Essen e.V. Germany.

The members of C.S.I. NADEZ have worked on various fields, realizing projects such as:

  • Support of NGOs and establishment of initiative boards from minority groups (focus on Roma)
  • Participation on various conferences, workshops and seminars in Macedonia, as well as abroad
  • Establishment of Info Center for social and legal issues
  • Support of human rights and interethnic cooperation through strengthening the local governments in Republic of Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia
  • Delivering humanitarian aid to projects beneficiaries, but also to local population, refugees from Kosovo and internally displaced people from Tetovo and Kumanovo
  • Making health, educative and creative workshops for children, youth and adults. Support of Roma high school students
  • The network for voluntary returnees through ERSO (European Reintegration
  • Support Organization) for education of counselors in the process of reintegration in Macedonia. Due to the experience which C.S.I. NADEZ acquired working in the network, ‘Maatwerk bij Terugkeer’ from The Netherlands has asked C.S.I. NADEZ for partnership on a project for reintegration of Roma (returnees – asylum seekers) from The Netherlands in Macedonia.

The experience we acquired supporting vulnerable groups and the need to keep working likewise was a big incentive for the organization to further its efforts, working on various projects that brought recognition.C.S.I. NADEZ has worked intensively on supporting vulnerable groups through:

  • Support in the education of Roma children and youth, their social integration as well as support of the multiethnic dimension between different nationalities in the community
  • Development of long-term self-help mechanisms of Roma and Albanian women in order to improve their social and economic situation
  • Work with children refugees from Kosovo, by encouraging communication, creativity and their overall potential together with their peer neighbors from Shuto Orizari with the aim to boost their integration in society
  • Collecting humanitarian aid, comprised of clothes, shoes, food, children toys, school materials and materials for different creative activities, distribution to socially endangered families promoting the principles of empathy, humanity and solidarity
  • Help and support of the educational process of Roma children with the aim to increase their educational inclusion through improving their school results and school attendance as well as raising the awareness of their parents for the importance of education
  • Reintegration of voluntary returnees from The Netherlands, through providing assistance in order to advance their integration in the society