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Quality living and economic prosperity for marginalized communities in North Macedonia

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Centre for Social Initiatives NADEZ is according to the statute of the centre and its organs are the Assembly, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board .

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Association C.S.I. Nadez , Skopje is a civil society organization that strives to improve the quality of life by providing equal access to quality education, social integration and promotes and implements activities for acquiring skills of young and marginalized communities with a focus on Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia.


During the 25years of work C.S.I.Nadez has given support to more than 6950 children, 1670 young persons, 2150 women, 185 elderly people, 5565 families and 989 returnees (asylum seekers) in Skopje and 337 returnees in other cities in Macedonia through the realized activities and projects, and has achieved other significant results.

Nadez Throughout the Years

We provided a big quantity of donations

Csi Nadez year 2007This year we supported the largest number of children. A total of 377 Roma children from Momin Potok, Zlokukjani, Gjorche Petrov, Madjari, Klanica, Topana, Shuto Orizari and Vardarishte were beneficiaries of our activities. We provided humanitarian aid for 900 poor Roma families. Throughout the school year, we carried out additional classes for the children in need of after-school educational support in 5 schools.

We went all out!

Csi Nadez Year 2009This year we supported 303 children, 268 from elementary education and 38 from the evening school for adults A.S. Makarenko. The Street Social Work continued in full swing. We were constantly visiting the children and their families, talking and counseling them for the problems they were facing. We held 36 informative workshops with 720 parents in three schools.

We made huge efforts to strengthen educational capacities

CSI Nadez Year 2010We supported 250 Roma children, 225 from elementary education and 25 from the evening school for adults A.S. Makarenko. We continued providing material support and our Street Social Work as previously explained. We carried out 5 workshops with 125 parents, empowering them to participate in the parents ‘councils at the schools and informing them of the circumstances and reforms in the educational system.

We addressed the issue of migration more seriously

year2011_csiNadezWe were developing the Youth Centre slowly by broadening the activities. We introduced creative workshops which raised big interest and were attended by all 60 children in the Centre.
We held 8 workshops with 160 parents on the topic of prevention of potential migration to EU countries to address the increased number of Roma seeking asylum in the Western European countries.

We included 170 children from elementary education

CSINADEZ year2012We strengthened the Youth Centre with new activities, including Computer Skills workshops for all the children who showed interest in improving their skills. 150 parents acquired knowledge for infectious diseases and the ways of prevention through the health education workshops we did with our partner H.E.R.A. Health Education and Research Association. We held 10 workshops with 150 parents intended to empower the parents to take active role in their children’s educatio

We wrapped up Education through Street Social Work

CSINADEZ year 2013This school year, until the end of 2013, we supported 260 children. 103 went on educative field trips and visited cultural and historical sites and monuments.For the second time we organized the tournament ‘Games without Frontiers’ with the children from the Youth Centre. This year we also had the children from Daily Care Centre for Street Children-Shuto Orizari participate. We delivered humanitarian aid to 900 families in need.

We branched out with new activities and we said hello to Permaculture

2014_timeline Csi NadezWith the support of Schuler Helfen Leben, we began implementing a new project called Educative Centre Nadez through which we give additional educational support to 70 Roma children. The Step by Step foundation granted us support for a Preschool Centre for 40 Roma children from Shuto Orizari aged 4 and 5. With the professional support from Zelenata Arka, Irina and the children of C.S.I. Nadez planted a Permaculture garden outside of the Educative Centre Nadez, which taught the children important lessons about growing food.

We celebrated Roma Day with the US Ambassador

DSC_0052The U.S. Ambassador in Macedonia, Mr. Jess L. Baily celebrated the International Roma day with the children, parents and staff of the C.S.I. Nadez, Dendo Vas and Ambrela organizations, in Shuto Orizari. The Ambassador took part in the “reading and math are fun” activities, organized by the USAID project “Readers are leaders,” where he read children’s books with the children, met the educators and volunteers and the team members of the three centres

Student exchange initiative

We 13667919_1063197553768898_6282048162487431200_ohad an exchange of students between our organization and the local primary school in Tearce, Tetovo. This project was supported by Schuler Helfen Leben, and was organized by our volunteer sent by that organization, Jule Kuhn. She was helped by our other volunteer Jennifer, and by several other young people from Germany who volunteer in the organizations Center for Education and Development (CED) from Tearce and the Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA from Tetovo.

We published the first students newspaper – “YOUTH VOICE”

With the supviber_image_2021-10-26_15-33-03-172port of USA Embassy Skopje, we have published the first students newspaper – “YOUTH VOICE”, with main aim to raise awareness of the importance of quality education among Roma youth living in the Shuto Orizari Municipality. Total of 50 students from “Brothers Ramiz-Hamid” elementary school were part of the teams that created the content of the newspaper, and total of 6 issues of the newspaper were published.

Hairdressers program in “Shaip Jusuf“ high school

 Img 2Within the project “Improving employment opportunities and gender equality for young Roma women through education”, supported by Weltgebetstag Der Frauen, Germany, we helped 155 students in the hairdressers program in “Shaip Jusuf“ high school to learn practical skills that they can use to find or create employment or income. The project was also dedicated to helping young Roma increase their awareness about the negative effects of gender inequality in order to overcome the stereotypes. 16 mixed students-parents workshops for gender equality were conducted on the following  topics: Early marriage, Family planning, Women’s emancipation and Dispelling the stereotypes.

Educative salon ” ROMNI “

15 Img 3young Roma women were empowered and gained skills, as well as certificates for hairdressers, manicure and make-up services within the project “Providing additional qualifications for Roma women and laying foundation for their engagement in social enterprise-beauty salon in Shuto Orizari”. After the training they had an opportunity for practical work in the Educative salon ROMNI and to start preparing for working as mobile team for beauty services in Shuto Orizari Municipality.

Guide for returnees in Republic Macedonia

 CSI Nvodicadez within the project “Support for permanent return and reintegration of Roma families in Macedonia 3” has developed a guide with guidelines for returnees returning to the country. The guide is the first of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia. The project itself is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the German Embassy. Link to the Guide for Returnees: https://csinadez.mk/водич-за-повратници-во-македонија/

Platform “ANNO “

 ANNOCSI NADEZ has created the Platform ANNO-Action for reducing inequality in education, in order to encourage better educational integration of students with low socio-economic status in the community and raise awareness among local stakeholders about the need to take action to overcome the consequences of low socio-economic status on the educational and personal development of students.

The platform was created by the Association CSI NADEZ within the project “Inspire, motivate, act for better education”, supported by the Step by Step Foundation Macedonia, through the project ARISE which is funded by the European Union.


Marina Bojanova

President of CSI NADEZ

Klara Ilieva

Reintegration counselor

Vesna Bojadziska

Project Manager

Tatjana Dimitrova

Project coordinator

Afrodita Raevska

Financial Manager

Stanika Gligorova

Social Worker

Sonja Mladenovska


Hristina Jovanoska


Aleksandra Nedelkovska