November 2020

Photo 3 Salon ROMNI (1)
“Providing additional qualifications for Roma women, and laying foundation for their engagement in social enterprise- beauty salon in Shuto Orizari”

Donor European Union Target Group 10 Roma women who have already finished formal education, or without completed education, that don’t have possibilities and funds for further improvement of their skills and knowledge. Duration May 2019 - February 2020 The main goal of the project: Improvement of the social status of the...

Photo 2-Decision is yours-your vote,your right!
Decision is yours-your vote, your right!

Donor Civika Mobilitas Target Group 10 NGO representatives or representatives of informal groups (volunteers, youth activists) working in the field of human rights, gender equality, education of marginalized groups; 100 vulnerable Roma women over the age of 18; Wider population (women and men over 18) reached by the video campaign. Duration March...