Our center is warmer and better thanks to the help from the MARA Foundation

24 Nov Our center is warmer and better thanks to the help from the MARA Foundation

In March of 2016, the Centre for Social Initiatives Nadez was visited by three representatives of the Utrecht chapter of the MARA Foundation from the Netherlands. We were happy to show the guests the preschool and the educational centers, to introduce them to our students and to talk about the work that we do in the Roma community of Shuto Orizari.

We were pleasantly surprised when the representatives of the foundation asked us to name one thing that we want to improve in the center that will make a difference for the students and the staff. There were many things on our mind, but we remembered this past winter and we pointed to the windows.

The twenty years old wooden frames were causing us to lose so much of the heat that our heating panels generate to provide a pleasant environment for the children. It was logical to replace the wooden frames with new PVC windows and thus improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.

The new windows were installed during the summer and now we are noticing the difference. The rooms become heated faster and the heat stays in longer than before, which creates a better and safer environment for the organization’s staff and the children.

The children and the staff of C.S.I. Nadez want to thank the MARA Foundation and the people of the Netherlands for donating funds to our center and by that, making better the learning conditions of more than 100 students.

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