We’re learning to count to 10

03 Mar We’re learning to count to 10

Every day for the past month the children from our preschool centre were learning about a certain number from 1 to 10. What we were trying to achieve was to get them to understand the concept of numbers, what they’re used for, how to recognize certain objects’ numerical representation, teach them how to count etc. By the end of the month we held our monthly creative workshop for children and parents where we made counting books in which we listed every number from 1 to 10, and right next to each of them the children were supposed to glue a number of different objects that equals to the number they represent. For the smaller numbers we used shapes like birds and flowers. For the larger numbers we used geometric shapes that we learned about throughout the past month.
After completing the counting books, the parents were instructed to take them home and use them to practice counting with their children until they learn all of these numbers and how to work with them.

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