The Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia to support our Preschool Center

20 Aug The Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia to support our Preschool Center

As you all know, starting in April of last year, the Centre for Social Initiatives Nadez opened up a preschool center where forty children aged four and five are taught Macedonian language, the basis of math, geometry, art etc. Everything that happened in the last seventeen months exceeded all of our expectations regarding how much we could help these children and their parents to progress and to get ready for enrolling into the first grade, given how young and vulnerable they are.

However, our expectations from the children were quite high. We were aware that if we approached their education in the correct way, the results could be inspiring, which is exactly what happened. Our educators and assistant educators managed to transfer a lot of knowledge into the little brains of Nadez. If you remember, at the beginning of the project we entered into a classroom that was tidy, well put together but otherwise quite empty. A month ago, with the beginning of our summer break, we came out of a classroom filled with toys, children’s creations, products of creative workshops that we organized every month with the children and their parents, drawings, posters, ornaments made of reused materials etc.



Since the beginning of the project, the Step by Step foundation has given us open support and carried our Preschool Center on the wings of their project called “Better parenting for a bigger success of Roma children”. Except for helping the center, they took care of the children’s development, their regularity, their success and provided them with lots of fun activities – a few times they brought their reading caravan, where children from the different partner organizations under this project were able to read stories together with an actor, to paint alongside an artist and to play different games.

With the beginning of the new school year, we received news from the Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia, telling us that they wish to support our Preschool Center for four months, starting in September, until the end of this calendar year.

Their support came with perfect timing, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Some of the children who already in September are going to enroll into first grade, will transfer to our Educational Center, while the younger children from the Preschool Center will remain there, and will be joined by a new group of children that are going to fill in for the number of children that are transferring into first grade. We are extremely thankful to the Swiss Embassy for their support and for believing in our dream. We’re also extremely thankful to the Step by Step foundation, which helped us with every aspect of the development of the center. Our collaboration with this foundation will continue in the future, with different projects, for the benefit of our youngest beneficiaries as well as their families which are usually marginalized, live off of social welfare, are young and wish to turn their pupils into excellent scholars.

We will be back with more activities and new energy on Monday.

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