Preparations for the future first-graders at the Brakja Ramiz-Hamid Elementary

11 May Preparations for the future first-graders at the Brakja Ramiz-Hamid Elementary

Recently the staff of Brakja Ramiz i Hamid Elementary School represented by their pedagogy Emilija Petrushevska, their psychologist Olivera Petrushevska and two educators paid us a visit wanting to talk to the parents of our preschool aged children about their future scholars. They broke down the process of enrolling in elementary school and they told us about the new classrooms that the first graders will be studying in.

As we later found out, all organizations that are currently financially supported by the Step by Step foundation within the “Better Parenting for Bigger Success of Roma Children” project got special terms in which they could enroll, during a period of a few days.

Last Friday we visited the Brakja Ramiz i Hamid Elementary School in Shuto Orizari, where the principal Gjulsefa Kurteshi showed us where the children will be studying and she introduced us to some of the employees who will be responsible for the new generation of first-graders. At the end she gave each child a lollipop and sent us off, back to our center.

At the meeting with the Brakja Ramiz i Hamid team, the parents voiced concerns about the material that will be taught in first grade and their volume. C.S.I. Nadez will continue to look for opportunities for future support of these children through projects that would enable educational assistance through a creative learning program that we have developed.




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