Nadez team at an intercultural understanding training course in Romania

16 May Nadez team at an intercultural understanding training course in Romania

This week two of our educators and our PR officer are at a training course in Satu Mare, Romania on the topic of Intercultural understanding and Management of minorities, as a part of the Integration Without Borders funded by the Erasmus + program.
Integration without Borders is a project which is being established within the context of a Europe which claims to value diversity, but suffers from the pressures of minorities with a long history of isolation, as well as the recent incorporation of large numbers of migrants within a context of economic and social depression. The entire rationale of the project relates to how this inclusion can be made possible and how professionals could be best suited to help it through.
This project aims to develop a strategic partnership in the fields of Social Education and Social Work with the following objectives, complementing work already implemented or work in progress through:
– The creation of a manageable network of partners for intensive co-operation from 8 different countries and from complementary backgrounds (Universities, research centres, associations, NGOs, professional bodies, local authorities etc.), in order to promote an exchange of experiences and sharing of know-how with the aim of attaining higher levels of teaching and learning experience with the creation of a new curriculum.
-Integration and further training for new professionals in the field of social work and social education.


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