Celebrating the meanings of our names

05 Mar Celebrating the meanings of our names

Did you know that the name Gjulistan comes from the word “flower”?
Today we celebrated the international name day. We talked about the different meanings of our names, we invited one of our students’ mother who told us about the meaning of traditional Romani names that we encounter every day. Each child individually told us how they got their names and whether they like it. Most of the children told us that they were named after one of their grandparents, but there were also parents who got their names from their god fathers. There were children who didn’t know whether their names had any meaning and what the meaning of their names is. At the end of our class every child wrote his or her name on a piece of paper and taped it to a board.
Traditionally, the children in the Roma communities would get their names from their grandparents, but in recent times there are a lot of exceptions so children nowadays get their names from famous movie stars, sport stars etc.

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