Ambassador Baily sends a thank-you gift for our student Muhamed

29 Apr Ambassador Baily sends a thank-you gift for our student Muhamed

Earlier this month we celebrated April 8th, the International Roma Day. In collaboration with the Step by Step foundation, a few organizations came to our Educational Centre to celebrate the holiday and to introduce their children beneficiaries to their peers from the other organizations in the Step by Step network. At the Educational Centre, we were joined by the American Ambassador, who with the help of some of the children, read a story book and later on discussed the challenges that the Roma community is facing, with representatives of the civil sector working with Roma communities in Skopje, especially in Shuto Orizari.

During this discussion, the children and educators held a creative workshop where they painted Roma flags in honor of the holiday. Before mr. Baily left, one of our students, Muhamed gave him his freshly painted Roma flag, and thanked him for coming to our centre and meeting us.

Today, Muhamed received a book about the American basketball scene, with a historical overview of the most popular players and teams, and their successes. The book contained a hand written note by the Ambassador, in which he thanks Muhamed for his gift, and expresses his hope that our student will be interested in reading it.

Muhamed was surprised when we told him that the US Ambassador has sent him a gift, and thought the book was phenomenal. He added that now he feels compelled to improve his English, in order to be able to read and understand his new book.

The C.S.I. Nadez team sends warmest regards to mr. Baily for his thoughtful gesture, and sends an open invitation for the US Embassy to visit us if they want to find out more about the work that we’re doing together with the Roma community in Shuto Orizari.


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