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From May 2023, for the next 6 months, the Center for Social Initiatives Nadez starts implementing the “Initiate – Realize – Change” project, which is part of the grants awarded through the Smart Balkan project, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. The purpose of the project is support for the community to better understand its security problems and build more effective capacities to face them.
The project will be implemented through the following activities:
1. Activity through which mapping and assessment of capacities at the local level will be done, as well as acts and procedures that are used to act in case of natural disasters;
2. Activities through which a group will be formed that will make recommendations for improvement/advancement of the existing plans/procedures for handling in case of natural disasters;
3. Activities that will establish cooperation between local schools, the municipal organization of the Red Cross, the Directorate for Rescue, the Ministry of the Interior and the local government, through which training and simulation exercises will be carried out in at least 4 schools at the local level;
4. Activities through which at least 4 student prevention teams will be formed and trained at the local level
5. An activity through which evacuation plans will be drawn up in a prominent place with clearly marked exits in a pilot school within the initiative;
6. Creation and implementation of a promotional campaign on social media to raise the awareness of the general public at the local level for initiation and involvement in initiatives for the prevention of natural disasters and threats.

Target groups of the “Initiate – Realize – Change” project are:
– the local community, the local government, primary schools, children in primary schools, and the general public.
Donator: SMART Balkans
Duration: 01.05.-01.11.2023
Approved finances: 7,848.60 euros