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European change makers is a European wide network led by Education for an Interdependent World (EDIW) an International Association created in 1996 with its Headquarters in Brussels and other 11 national organizations belonging to ten European countries and CSI NADEZ as one of them.

These organizations have an important record of relevant work with achievement and recognition in the communities they serve for their social
commitment and the steadfast belief that vision and commitment can create personal and social change. They also are active at European and International level. The group is used to use the resources with responsibility, so they have joined forces to learn together, to seek higher levels of quality of service and stronger capacity for dissemination of both own outcomes as well as the possibilities and actions
intended by EU. Some are involved in advocacy and bottom-up processes for change. They are already engaged in very committing actions with huge potential and stressed resources. The support given to ECH will be highly appreciated to help to implement this Action Plan for 2022 European Year of Youth. This focuses on raising the connectivity and the capacity to develop at personal and social level, employment and citizenship. They share the belief that the EU project has a great potential to be understood and recreated, linking empathetic critical spirit and creative commitment. ECH has agreed on an 8 Lines Work Plan for 2022 with the 3 Axis of the EU Youth Strategy:

Connect: actions and tools,


  1. Learning on democracy School of Democracy at university level and Democracy for the young (15-18);
  2. Social entrepreneurship and project development through non-formal learning;
  3. Competence development and recognition of youth work: Digital Competence, Green Comp and the Competences for Democracy.


1.The European Youth Agora;

2.Learning and sharing good practices: with migrant refugees and on gender issues;

3.Service learning and volunteering.


Duration of the project: 01.01.2022-31.12.2022

Donor: EU