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About This Project

Project Background

The children that we chose to work with come from a very vulnerable group of families. A large number of the parents that are involved in this project are illiterate, they spend their whole day outside looking for an alternative way of subsistence, or have multiple children, so they aren’t able to pay enough attention to all of their children and help them with their struggles at school. As a result of this, and of the lack of motivation that parents show for education, we are facing a decreased interest and understanding for the classes at school, at a time when the school curriculum is being altered to fit the Cambridge program which is much more complicated and advanced and will definitely make the educational process for Roma children even more difficult.
At the Educational Centre Nadez we make sure our children understand the subjects and lessons they learn on daily basis, and we do this every day for a few hours. During this time, we provide alternative education that is interesting for the children, comprehensive, and most importantly focused on smaller groups of children – something that can’t be established in the Elementary School that these children go to.

Project Summary

The project encompasses the following activities:

  • Providing basic school necessities, such as school materials, clothes and lunches
  • Educational program implemented through an alternative type of classes created specifically for the target group that we work with
  • Regular visits to the families and monitoring children
  • Meetings with parents and representatives of school authorities
  • Creative activities and thematic classes, celebrating different holidays and internationally recognized days
  • Workshops for parents and children

Working Methods

For better understanding of our children’s needs, we use a WELL BEING MODEL which has proven to be successful in other countries as well. You can find out more about this model HERE: Well Being Model


March 2014 – February 2015


Shueler Helfen Leben – Germany


To increase the number of Roma children in Republic of Macedonia that successfully finish primary education. To increase the children’s educational inclusion by improvement of their school performance and attendance; and to increase their social inclusion by change of the habits that lead to social exclusion.

Target Group

70 Roma children from Shuto Orizari, coming from poor and socially endangered families, single-parent families, families who get social benefits and large families.

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