Small Step – Big Benefit

About This Project

Project Summary

1. Training in Handcrafting 50 Roma and Albanian women will be attending training for traditional handcrafting and will be learning the techniques for handcraft and needlework.

2. Support and Help in the Educational Process:

  • School support

35 girls (Roma and Albanian) will be supported with school material needed for last grade of primary school and for first year of high school. Social workers will be constantly observing their school attendance, results and behaviour. Every semester parental meetings will be organized, so parents can share their experiences, needs and problems and could try to find ways to solve them. The girls will get assistance in writing homework in different school subjects as well as in learning the school material, on a daily basis.

  • Creative activities

The basic aim of this program is recreation and offering the girls ideas on spending their spare time qualitatively, such as: making jewelry with beads; coloring ceramic products; decorating candles; making decorations and ornaments; tapestry; decorative greeting cards; wall posters on different topics; playing board games etc.

  • Health education

Workshops for health education will be organized for the girls on different topics such as: reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, infective illnesses, alcoholism, drug addiction, giving advices for healthy life, advices for nutrition etc.

3. Educative Workshops for Raising Awareness of Parents The Roma and Albanian parents will be educated on various topics such as: Information for enrollment in High school, “Education- it is my choice”, the role of parents and parental boards in the process of children’s education, prevention of addictions etc.


  • 50 Roma and Albanian women were attending training for traditional handcrafting and successfully learned the basic techniques of knitting and crocheting
  • In December 2010 a Christmas Bazaar was organized in the premises of C.S.I Nadez and the products made by the women included in the training were presented
  • 35 girls were provided with daily assistance in writing homework, learning the school material and preparation of project tasks for all school subjects
  • For 35 girls included in the project the necessary school materials were provided and distributed
  • Six parental meetings with the parents of the girls included in the project were organized
  • From a total of 35 girls included in the Project, 30 girls finished the school year successfully
  • Creative activities were organized for the girls on daily basis and they had a possibility to entertain, socialize and develop their creative potentials
  • 35 girls were attending Health education program and got general knowledge on different topics
  • Three visits to General medical office were organized for the girls who were attending the Health education program. The girls had the opportunity to see all the medical instruments in practice, the doctor explained them about her work and presented a general medical examination

Eleven workshops with parents from Municipality Shuto Orizari, as well as from other parts of Skopje were organized.


May 2009 - December 2010


Weltgebetstag der Frauen-Germany


To assist Roma and Albanian women in improving their social and economic situation, through development of long-term self-help mechanisms; to motivate girls from Shuto Orizari to finish primary school and continue with higher education; to raise parent’s awareness for health, psychological and social issues.

Target Group

50 Roma and Albanian women between 18-35 years from municipality Shuto Orizari, 35 Roma and Albanian girls who attend the last grade of primary school, 220 parents from different nationality from municipality Shuto Orizari,

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