Reintegration of Returnees from Netherlands

About This Project

Project Summary

In order to decrease the vulnerability of returnees following their return and to make the return more sustainable, C.S.I Nadez has been providing post-return reintegration assistance. The assistance includes an integrated package of services that will enable the target group to overcome the obstacles that are hampering their return and work on their economic, social and psychological reintegration into Macedonian society by:

  • Informative activities
  • Transport / reception / intake
  • Job Integration/Micro business set up
  • Children and Youth education
  • Adult education and Training
  • Accommodation
  • Legalization
  • Medical support
  • Individual support


  • 36 families were provided with information about the procedure for obtaining certain rights, such as the right of social welfare, right of health care, education or vocational training possibilities, micro business possibilities, as well as other information based on the needs of the returnee
  • 28 children were included in the education system after their return to Macedonia and they have continued their education. They were provided with the necessary school supplies
  • 35 returnees have started small businesses
  • 8 returnees have received vocational training and have finished it successfully
  • The living conditions in the homes of the returnees were really bad, and therefore in some cases it was necessary to do а reconstruction or adaptation of a room for living, as well as providing the basic household appliances. Thus, the families were provided with basic living conditions in their homes

October 2010 - December 2011


Maatwerk bij Terugkeer- Netherlands

Project Goal

To provide help and assistance to the voluntary returnees from the Netherlands, for their better integration in their country of origin.

Target Group

36 families or a total of 132 voluntary returnees from the Netherlands

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