Girls Club

About This Project

Project Summary

  • Homework Assistance- the activity will be realized every day, in the mornings and in the afternoons involving 80 girls.
  • Creative Activities- the activity will be realized three days a week, and 50 girls will be included in it.
  • Girls Club- there are six different topics in the Girls Club program: love issues, cosmetics, friendship, addictions, early pregnancy and marriage. The participants can subscribe to the six activity-lists according to their interests. The activity will be organized in groups of 10 girls.
  • Health Program- will be organized in groups of 10 girls. Depending on the topic, one course will contain 3 to 6 units in duration of 90 minutes.
  • Computer Course- Giving basic knowledge regarding computer skills. The groups will be comprised of six girls.


  • 35 girls in average were provided with homework assistance daily.
  • 36 parent meetings were organized and total of 178 parents attended.
  • 30 girls were attending the Girls Club program. The program offered consultations on different topics.
  • 50 girls were attending Creative activities program: Drawing, working with clay, coloring ceramics, decorating paper plates and glasses, making ornaments, making jewelry, making greeting cards and posters.
  • 30 girls participated in the Health program and gained knowledge on different topics, such as: Spine problems and pre-emptive measures, Blood transmissible diseases, Nutrition, Personal hygiene, Hepatitis, Puberty and physical changes in puberty, Sexual intercourse, Sexually transmitted diseases and prevention, Negative consequences of abortion, Violence and prevention of violence, Human trafficking, Pedophilia.
  • 20 girls attended training in basic computer skills.

September 2006-June 2007

Project Goal

To enhance integration of girls by providing access to education and free - time activities; To acquire knowledge by adopting new learning methods; To motivate girls to be more involved in the decisions concerning themselves, and also generally in their communities through voluntary work and access to information.

Target group

50 – 80 girls from Shuto Orizari aged 12 -18, as well as their parents

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