Agency and Independence – Strategic Perspectives for the Work with Marginalized Youth in North Macedonia”

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Duration of the project: 01.09.2021-30.06.2022

Donor: Schueler Helfen Leben, Germany

The project is focused on strengthening CSI NADEZ’s capacities for social entrepreneurship and promotion of its crowd funding activities, related to its strategic priorities for the period 2022-2025.

The Organization recently became a permanent partner of Global Giving, the biggest crowd funding platform for NGOs in the world. The next step in its development in this field acquires additional recourses and enriching the fundraising team with additional skills and experience in promotion of crowd funding activities.

In accordance with the demands formulated in the strategic plan-improving social inclusion of marginalized groups through the concept of social entrepreneurship – the CSI NADEZ staff and members, as well as youth with interest for professional development in this field, will have the opportunity to strengthen their capacities through process of training and mentoring.