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About This Project

Project Summary

According to several studies, C.S.I. Nadez has determined the districts where the poorest population in Skopje lives, and covered those who live way below the poverty line. Skopje Tafel helps people in need to bridge hard times and get motivation, in order to overcome their problems. Once the food (supplies) is collected from the donors it will be distributed directly to the families’ homes, given to the homeless, to the children on the street, to community kitchens etc. The project entails four components:

  • Media campaign, informing the population about the project, distribution of brochures, visits and discussions with local authorities
  • Finding donors who will donate food, supplies and clothes as well as distribution of the same
  • Finding consumers and creating a record list
  • Opening of Coordination Center and introducing of SOS line


Improved diet and quality of life of the poor population in the vicinity of Skopje. The values of empathy, solidarity and humanity were applied. Sensibly used food and clothes.


Reprint Design
Hacat – Clinical Centre
City of Nuremberg
Embassy of Netherlands in Skopje 
Restaurant ‘Oreov Lad’
Hotel ‘Holiday Inn’
Hotel ‘Alexander Palace’ 
Private Donors


May 2004 – December 2010


GIZ German Embassy in Skopje Embassy of Switzerland in Skopje Government of Republic of Macedonia

Project Goal

To collect and distribute food and clothes to the people in greatest need; to spread the values of empathy, humanity and solidarity.

Target Group

The poorest population of the municipalities in Skopje: Children from the street, homeless people, prostitutes, drug addicts, poor families which do not receive social protection, community kitchens.

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