Building Skills for Sustainable Future

Building Skills for Sustainable Future

About This Project

Project Summary

The project aims to improve social conditions of Roma women and to fight against intolerance and discrimination by strengthening women with new skills. For that purpose we will organize several types of trainings:

Crafts Training

The crafts trainings include: learning techniques of glass decoration, decoration of candles and jewelry making. Through these trainings women will get an opportunity to develop their talent and obtain skills for handcrafting. In the future, they will use the skills for starting up of small businesses.

Computer Skills Training

Training for basic computer skills, Office applications and Internet. Through this training young girls and women will become computer literate and will develop the necessary computer skills for the job market.

Workshops on self-employment

Four workshops on the topic of ‘self-employment’ will be organized for 60 Roma women. They will be presented with the advantages of self-employment, the necessary administrative procedures, as well as the available sources of funding such as loans for development of small businesses provided by the banks and the State Employment Agency.

Health Education/Human Trafficking Prevention

The aim of the program is to help women understand and recognize the importance of health as a fundamental human right and to raise awareness of the key factors that influence their health. Women will obtain information on prevention, treatment and handling of main health issues, including infectious diseases, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, mental health and stress, personal hygiene, healthy environment etc. This program entails as well workshops on prevention of human trafficking with women.

H.E.R.A. – Health Education and Research Association

Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia


May 2012 – March 2013


To improve the social conditions and quality of life of Roma women by strengthening them with new skills. To strengthen Roma girls and women with knowledge about health and health issues. To increase the employment/self-employment potential of Roma women through trainings for acquiring new skills.

Target Group

60 Roma women from different age groups, who are unemployed, encounter social or financial difficulties, do not received other support and come from poor families

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