Certificate of appreciation from Red Cross

To mark 70 years of existence, the Red Cross of Macedonia awarded C.S.I. Nadez a certificate of appreciation for our long and successful collaboration. We would like to wish the Red Cross of Macedonia a happy 70th birthday and many more to come. We are lucky...

Форми, бои и подготовка за прво одделение
Shapes, colors and preparation for enrollment in first grade

This month, at the Centre for Preschool Children at C.S.I. Nadez, the children learned about different geometric shapes, their names and the colors in which we can encounter them in our surroundings. Through various creative exercises we managed to portray the difference between the basic...

Better Parenting workshop with Stanika Gligorova
Better parenting workshop with Stanika Gligorova

Earlier this month we held our second workshop that we envisioned on the topic of better parenting. The workshop was held by our social worker who invited ten parents and their children to participate and learn new methods for praising and motivating children to improve...