Announcement for the work of the parent meetings in Nadez

12 Nov Announcement for the work of the parent meetings in Nadez

The social worker of CSI Nadez, in cooperation with the educators, organized three meetings with parents on the third, fifth and eleventh of November. Each of the meetings were attended by seven parents. The purpose of these meetings is to introduce to parents the areas where their children can make improvements regarding the educational process. Furthermore, the parent meetings are a great way to communicate to parents that they can help their children to do work and learn what they have missed. The parents of children that are showing good performance in school, are encouraged to stimulate them to study more and to visit the center often.

We talk individually with each of the parents to tell them about their child’s discipline in the center and about the level of their success at school. We also suggest to them how we can work together to help their children improve. At the end of the parent meetings we gave each of the parents humanitarian help of second-hand clothing from the town of Koblenz in Germany.

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