Spring is around the corner

We spent this beautiful sunny day observing the changes happening in our environment right before we officially welcome Spring. The deciduous trees' buds will soon be starting to bloom and the evergreen bushes sprinkled us with dusty pollen. A few brave plants surprised us with...

Bringing back the shine of our Permaculture garden

Starting in March of this year we were supported by the youngsters who are active in the association of Schüler Helfen Leben to include the Permaculture garden in our everyday activities with the educational centre. To start off the season, we asked our friend Ognen...

Better Parenting workshop with Stanika Gligorova
Better parenting workshop with Stanika Gligorova

Earlier this month we held our second workshop that we envisioned on the topic of better parenting. The workshop was held by our social worker who invited ten parents and their children to participate and learn new methods for praising and motivating children to improve...